Thursday, October 19, 2006

Culture of Corruption!

We often hear about the "Culture of Corruption" as it applies to the political world, but one look behind the newly constructed doors of the house on the hill would make any Page diddlin' congressman blush. Here are some examples of a true culture of corruption at the once venerable KHQ and their sister station:

1. The married previously mentioned former General Manager, and once Traverse City Mayor was cheating on his wife with another woman in Traverse City, all the while accusing the previously mentioned former KHQ Program Director of doing the same thing.

2. A married former receptionist was cheating on her husband with a former KHQ night guy who later became the Lite 96 morning host.

3. A former Lite 96 Program Director was making sexual advances toward another employee's then underage teenage daughter. He is still employed with the company.

4. A former Petoskey receptionist was put in prison for having sex with an underage teenage girl while employed with the company.

5. The current KHQ Program Director has been sexually inappropriate on the air and on the phone with young (sounding) teenage callers.

6. Another former young Lite 96 Program Director and host was addicted to drugs, and a current KHQ employee also has a drug problem.

7. The previously mentioned former “Director of Corporate Programming” misrepresented himself and his credentials to management, claiming to have worked with people with whom he has never worked nor even met for that matter in order to get the position. His wife is still employed with the company.

8. The previously mentioned former “Director of Corporate Programming” attempted to frame a previously mentioned former KHQ Program Director for a federal crime (payola) in an attempt to get him fired (see the original post). Then conspired in a lie with the current KHQ Program Director in another attempt to get him fired by attributing statements to him that he never made, and promising the current PD the former's position if he went along with the lie. It worked. Again, see the original post.

9. A former Account Executive was busted for child porn.

No matter how you look at it, what's going on here is a lot more icky than what is happening in Washington. And it's much more dangerous since it's happening right here in your town.


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